• CFDVasc

    CFDVasc represents commercial software tool which provides detailed biomechanical analysis of patient specific AAA by using raw patient data in a form of medical images acquired from CT scanners.
  • CFDVasc perfoms all necessary steps:

    - Medical images visualization, segmentation and contour detection

    - 3D reconstruction

    - Meshing and prescribing boundary conditions

    - Performing numerical analysis

    -Visualization of calculated results

  • Clinical Application

    - Early screening of AAA patients

    - Patient-specific risk assessment

    - Automatic measuring device

    - Translation of individual patients with respect to mean population data

  • Technical Requirements

    - Intel(c) Core2 Duo Processor

    - 4GB DDR2 Dual Channel Memory

    - NVIDIA graphics card

    - 160 GB Hard Drive

    - 48x CDRW/DVD Drive

    - 3 button mouse with wheel

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