BioIRC is an R&D center devoted to the development of computational methods and software for various problems in engineering and bioengineering. The research is largely based on the finite element method applied to solids, fluids, modeling of physical fields, multiphysics, and various coupled problems. Also, discrete particle methods, such as dissipative particle dynamics, are developed and coupled to continuum models in multiscale schemes. The solvers are accompanied by state-of-the art computer graphics as well as image processing methods and 3D medical image reconstructions.

BioIRC leads or participates in national and international (EU and USA) scientific and research projects, such as development of methods and software for patient specific modeling of blood flow and plaque growth – integrating clinical recording with computer modeling into a multilevel computer system for practical implementations; microcirculation related to nanomedicine; nanocoating; groundwater flow and optimal design of Ranney wells for large water supply systems.