KMM-VIN has reached a considerable level of internal integration and organizational stability in some domains typically attributed to NoEs. While collaborative research and mobility programme are running reasonably well, the R&D and training services for industry are not yet fully satisfactory.
The primary objective of INNVIN project is to engage the large transnational partnership of KMM-VIN in the process of transforming it into an organization with a more effective strategy towards the industry, which should enhance KMM-VIN’s financial viability. KMM-VIN will primarily focus on Transport, Energy and Biomedical sectors as these are the ones where KMM-VIN’s expertise has reached a critical mass.
A set of measures is proposed to reach this objective: Survey of technology needs in Transport, Energy and Biomedical sectors, Update of contents and enhancement of functionalities of KMM expertise and equipment database, Dissemination campaign of KMM-VIN research, infrastructure and training potential, Recruitment of new KMM members from industry.
An important by-product of this strategic plan is to satisfy the economic criteria of an SME as this status can be beneficial for KMM-VIN financial stability in the long term.