The Main Features of the Program

PAK-G Program for graphical pre- and post- processing
PAK-S  Program for linear and geometrically and  materially 
nonlinear structural analysis
PAK-T  Program for linear and nonlinear heat conduction
PAK-F  Program for laminar flow of incompressible fluid and heat transfer
PAK-P  Program for analysis of groundwater seepage
PAK-CT Program for coupled problems, multiphase fluid flow with heat transfer through porous deformable medium
PAK-B Program for biomechanics, modelling of muscles and connective  tissue,  blood  flow   through   deformable arteries (solid-fluid interaction), cartilage electromechanics

SOFTDISKUS program is used for determination of loads (force and momentum) on the discuses of a spine during static pushing of the burden. SOFTDISKUS also provides calculation of intradiscal pressure, deformation, as well as stress in appropriate spinal fragment using up-to-date methods like computational-numerical simulations.

SOFTKARDIO is a program for complete electronic documenting for patients accepted to cardiological section. Quick input of data for every new patient is provided, as well as quick search of data already put into the database. SOFTKARDIO has a full modular design, thus any adapting for special user's requests is possible.

SOFTEHO program is used for cardiological ultrasound protocol, and it's designed for daily use of clinicians - echocardiographicists. Full registration, but also an appropriate sort of data during ultrasound inspection are very important for appropriate diagnosis, as well as for patient accompaniment. SOFTEHO program provides very accessible and quick use of data for analysis, scientific works and appropriate medical documenting.

SOFTVASK software is designed for computational analysis of a sound signal taken from blind-Doppler apparatus and determination of all relevant clinical parameters exactly as on the big ultrasound device (resistance index, pulsatory index, etc.). It's designed for physicians, engineers and others involved in investigation of blood flow through the arteries. The only system requirement is presence of any sound card which is connected to blind-Doppler probe over microphone input.

CFDAL is a software for simulation of an air flow through alveoli. It's designed for physicians and bioengineers involved in the field of air flow in respiratory system with special emphasis on cyclical movement of alveoli during breathing.

The project MedCFD is referred to software for the simulation of blood flow.
Generally our software for blood flow contains three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of flow through blood vessels with wall shear stress computation. We include flexible blood vessel walls, fluid-structure interaction, viscoelastic behavior of deformable walls etc.

CFDVasc represents commercial software tool which provides detailed biomechanical analysis of patient specific AAA by using raw patient data in a form of medical images acquired from CT scanners.



Software for Vascular Surgery Planning and

Rupture Prediction of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) is a challenge in vascular surgery. Latest methods used for treatment requires implantation of stent graft - particular synthetic blood vessel (graft) combined with armature (stent). Safe implantation necessitates accurate planning since this procedure is performed without direct contact of surgeon and blood vessels but rather from remote site, under fluoroscopic monitoring (Xrays). For these purposes dedicated software is developed PlannerVasc. It provides physician with interactive tools capable of enclosing particular anatomy to surgeon and allowing simulation of the orthogonal views on the aortic cross section. Software has other tools facilitating the process of planning.

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Generated central line for stretching the DICOM images                    Intraluminal view of aorta


  • 3D geometry reconstruction from patients
  • Computational fluid dynamics simulation
  • Systemic pressure
  • Wall deformation, material wall property from images
  • Risk analysis for wall rupture, biomechanical analysis

Planner Vasc Screenshots


Central Line - Generated central line by user required for stretching the DICOM image stack


Intraluminal view – Camera following previously generated central line allowing user to have intraluminal view of aorta


Angulation tool – Measuring angulation of aorta neck and other aorta regions


Diameters and Lengths – Measuring diameters of AAA on perpendicular view and different lengths on stretched aorta on Stretch view


DICOM Preview – Tool for automatic searching and listing the DICOM stacks in supplied folder and previewing before loading in the main view of Planner Vasc