Class of Problems: Small displacements with nonlinear materials (MNO), stability analysis, postcritical structural response, nonlinear dynamics, contact and impact problems with all kinds of nonlinearities, large displacements with small strains, large strains.

Finite Elements: Truss (with gap option and with prescribed material nonlinearity), 2D and 3D with enhancements, membrane, shell (with mixed interpolations and membrane enhancements), beam, thin-walled beam, beam with arbitrary and deformable cross-section (beam superelement), beam with plastic hinge, rigid body elements.

Material Models: Linear elastic, thermo-elastic, orthotropic elastic and thermo-elastic; rubber; Mises elastic-plastic (isotropic and anisotropic) with mixed hardening, Mises thermo-elastic-plastic isotropic and anisotropic, with mixed hardening with or without creep; Cam-clay with critical stress state, generalized cap soil mechanics model.


Modeling of break wheel


Static Analysis of complex wagon structure