SOFTVASK software is designed for computational analysis of a sound signal taken from blind-Doppler apparatus and determination of all relevant clinical parameters exactly as on the big ultrasound device (resistance index, pulsatory index, etc.). It's designed for physicians, engineers and others involved in investigation of blood flow through the arteries. The only system requirement is presence of any sound card which is connected to blind-Doppler probe over microphone input.



The characteristics of SOFTVASK program are:

• Possibility to change sampling frequency: 5.5kHz, 11 kHz, 22 kHz or 44 kHz

• Number of nodes for FFT analysis: 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384

• Adjusting of frequency band (or velocity, cm/sec)

• Changing the way of presentation, picture freezing, taking frequency (speed) directly from the screen, etc.

• Possibility to choose artery set for measurement (neck, arm, leg, etc.)

• Basic patient data: Name, Surname, Date, Location, Analysis, Risk Factors, Symptoms, Surgeries etc.

• Determination of Indices: Resistance Index RI, Ratio S/D and Pulsatory Index PI. Systole, Diastole

Angleof the probe 60 degrees and frequency 8MHz.


* This software was developed with support of Ministry for Science, Technology and Development, Project TR233